Friday, 8 September 2017

When Loyalties Are Challenged

It is an interesting time of the year.

For many of us, it is a time where traditional loyalties and conflicts are challenged.

Our loyalty and commitment is under self-scrutiny, and those declining the passing of judgement do so because they are totally consumed by their own obsession. 

The decisions we make are influenced equally by affection as by dis-like. This dis-like may be driven by a group, or be isolated to a single entity. Either way, our decision is inclined to be instinctive rather than considered, emotional not practical.

And alliances change quickly. Less than a week ago we may have been singular in our support for another and equally definitive in our disdain for others, but now the incompetent is cheered as the hero.

We may delight in our choices in equal measure as we do to our guilt at the decisions we make. We support who we do based on respect, or based on dislike. Both passions are equal and authentic.

Our ability to shift is alarming but we all want to make the correct decisions.

Naturally, I am referencing the start of finals, or play offs for our major football codes

Most of us support teams that have failed to qualify for the playoffs. Most of us will have selected teams we hope succeed in the playoffs. Our decision to prefer victory for one team over another even if we have no attachment to either allows us to remain emotionally involved, but not emotionally committed. In many cases, this decision is driven more by the desire for the defeat of an adversary and not the joy of victory.

There are far too many occasions in sport and in life where we secretly celebrate failure in preference to celebrating victory.

I wonder, is this healthy, is this courageous and is this emotionally positive? It is however “safe” and “safe” never created much at all.

If your team is in the finals, best of luck. As for me, my support is with the favourite or the best performed because I value sustained performance and reward for method and results. Besides my AFL team is out of the contest and my ARL team finished in first position, so my decision is easy.

Wishing a healthy, invigorating and active weekend to all.

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