Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Compliments and Criticisms

It is so easy to be critical and seemingly so hard to be appreciative

There is a comparison with investment markets. They tend to go down at a faster rate than they go up. Historically, they lose value at about twice the rate they gain value.

Given most of us do not take short positions when investing, our emotions when an investment is losing value are far more intense than when it is gaining value.

What we perceive as poor service generates frustration, just like an investment losing value causes frustration.

Conversely, we take it for granted when we make money and we take good client service for granted.

We are quick to complain or express our dissatisfaction but slow to complement our satisfaction. Or to put it another way, we are far more comfortable, articulate and expressive in the negative than we are in the positive.

How much better would we be, and we would all be if we actively looked for, and complimented good service?

I am off too Europe in a week or so and my itinerary included a flight with Air Berlin. Subsequent to my booking, Air Berlin went in to receivership and as of today, assurances my flight would proceed as planned resulted in me having no concerns.

A text message today requested I call my primary carrier and when I did so, I was advised the receivers have ceased operating the route I was booked on.

The service person was well prepared to assist me and was empathetic to the inconvenience this caused me. A range of solutions were offered including new connection details. The options for a train transfer or using an alternative airline were explained and the relative benefits or otherwise of each new transit airport were outlined.

I had a range of questions which were comprehensively answered.

I moved some 4 flights and changed departure days and what was an annoying situation was resolved as seamlessly as possible and to my satisfaction.

The call completed with me expressing my appreciation for the care and attention provided in what was a tough situation.

Perhaps we could all focus on being as willing to compliment as we are to criticise, and in all walks of life.

And, to whoever it was from Virgin Australia who looked after me, thank you and well done.

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