Monday, 25 September 2017

Berlin Marathon Wrap and Meeting Marathon Man

Well, that was fun. Seriously, yesterday and the Berlin Marathon was fun, from the time I woke and got ready, breakfast, making our way to the start, the marathon itself, the after party and then dinner.

It was all fun.

I have never thought much of the Ossie, Ossie, Ossie, Oi, OI, Oi chant that first became popular during the Sydney Olympics. I have always felt it was a little “simple” and we really could do better.

However, hearing it yesterday when Australians’ in the crowd noticed the flag on our shirts was an entirely different experience. It was wonderful. And there was a dozen or more groups of Australian supporters, some with the obligatory inflatable kangaroo.

The Belgium supporters had large inflatable pretzels.

There was a more overt multi-cultural feel about Berlin compared to New York and many more runners of my age and older. I recall being in the starting compound at New York and realising how few runners were of my age and wondering if I really should be there. I had lots of company yesterday.

Our MND and ME team seemed relaxed although some later confessed to nerves. I have tangible evidence of my relative relaxed state.

At the start in New York, I was standing with Matt from the MND team and we checked our heart rates. My stationary standing heart rate was 91 (would normally be low 60’s) and his was a few beats higher. I checked it yesterday with a minute to go and it was 71. A tangible indication of my more relaxed nature.

At about the 28 kilometre mark, a runner from Australia came beside me asking how I was going. He was wearing a neck to ankle superman suit, inclusive of cape. As you do.

He happened to be at the after party last night, still in the Superman costume. (as you do).

He recognised me from our chat during the run and (bizarrely) asked if I remembered him. He would be about 50 and started running in 2008. Yesterday was his 317th marathon. He ran Sydney last weekend, Berlin yesterday and over the next three Sunday’s will compete in the Cologne, Munich and Melbourne marathons. When he completed the Gold Coast Marathon on 2 July 2017, he achieved a new world record. It was his 313th marathon.

He doesn’t look like the typical endurance athlete, was a little taller than me and I estimate some kilograms heavier. He just loves it.

The costume he wears is not Superman. It is actually Marathon Man. His name is Trent Morrow and this is his website . It was great to chat to him and he was very generous.

What is next on my agenda?

There is a group trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp in 2018. This has enormous appeal and I was very keen to be a part of it. However my cardiologist said I was not to go into such thin air.

So, what is next?

I have no idea, but I do know something or someone will materialise. It always does.

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