Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A (Self) Lesson in Calming

The best laid plans etc etc etc.

Leading up to travelling, I always intend to be well organised. I intend to have pre-determined what I need and what I want to take, to have decided the bags I need, technology priorities, music to load and books to read.

I intend to have understood functions or events I am attending and applicable dress codes and any other matter that may impact clothing needs.

I have always failed to fulfil my intentions, be it a 2-month overseas trip or two days at the Sunshine/Gold Coast.

I always find myself frantically packing a few hours before needing to be at the airport and not only stress myself, but all those around me too.

I always take too much and always leaving something out.

I sit writing this post, enjoying a leisurely cup of tea. I will shortly arrange some dinner and head quietly to the airport.

The habit of a lifetime has been broken. Investing a little time actually considering what I need for my European sojourn, having everything ready in advance and then putting a third of it away again before packing has me ready to go, well in advance.

Not only do I have less luggage than I typically take away for a long weekend, I am relaxed and looking forward to the trip.

The discipline and planning I exhibit in my business life has rarely transferred over to my private life. Preparing and then executing a “travel ready” plan is a good example to me of the value of applying business disciplines to other aspects of life.

After all, we apply personal ethics to our business practices, so it should flow both ways. Shouldn’t it?

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