Sunday, 21 March 2010

In his epic Roman Tragedy Julius Caesar, Shakespeare wrote ”The Ides of March are upon us”.

And the Ides of March 2010 have just passed and I wonder just where the year has gone and what the hell I have been up to. It just seems to have been so hectic.

It is Sunday afternoon and for what feels like the first time in a very long time, I have a few hours with no specific commitments and no where I have to be. I am taking some time out to catch up on a three month back log of Blogs I usually read and so much seems to have passed me by. Reading all the back log in such a concentrated way makes me realise there are two very specific threads at play – Cycling and Politics. Then again, if I look at the bookcase behind me, the themes of the books are the same. I really should expand my horizons

But what happened to January, February and March 2010?

Work has been hectic and challenging. In short, we have achieved ‘flat growth’ since 2000and need to do something to reverse the trend. Does anyone else think the term ‘flat growth’ is one of the silliest business expressions of the century? I guess however it does sound better than saying ‘we have been abject failures’ for the last 10 years.

Given I am responsible for ‘Strategy’ the ideas are expected to flow from me.

3rd March was the 2nd anniversary of my open heart surgery and the date for my annual comprehensive check up. I am not sure why, but in the weeks leading up to it I was becoming very apprehensive and agitated. The more agitated I become, the more annoyed I was getting with myself for being agitated. I knew there was absolutely no reason to be concerned but I was.

Fortunately, all my concern was without foundation. My blood figures were better than excellent and the results of the physical tests were outstanding. In addition, my exercise heart rate restrictions have been lifted.

An undisputed highlight of February was the AC/DC concert.

On several occasions in my teens I attended early AC/DC concerts with the best and most recent being at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl in 1976. Sometimes it is dangerous to re-visit experiences from youth. It can be disappointing and end up diminishing the original experience.

In this case, the intervening 34 years has not diminished the original experience. Mind you, the cost was somewhat more in 2010. We had premium tickets in the pit in the front section less than 50 metres from the main stage and literally 5 metres from the stage extension.

It rained heavily at times during the concert but these guys did not back off one bit. We experienced High Voltage Rock and Roll and for those who rocked and rolled ‘We Solute You’.

I usually find a guitar solo of more than a few minutes duration a little tedious. Angus Young performed an 18 minute solo and I did not want it to finish.

These photos were taken during his solo on a standard Nokia phone camera and indicate just how close we were to the Stage Extension.

On other matters..............

I have been cycling but not with any great consistency of intensity.

My concentration has been on trying to get the shoulder I busted in August back working with some degree of normality.

I have full movement but very little strength so 4 or 5 visits a week to the gym has become part of the weekly routine.

Finally, I have bought a new car (reluctantly). The problem with owning a SAAB is every time you need something done to it, it has a four figure price tag even for a relatively minor thing. With a few things needing attention, the first of the four figures was going to be an ‘8’ and simply not worth it.

I wrote some time ago about making sensible decisions with things like car purchases rather than decisions based to a large degree on ego and image. I guess this was my opportunity to let action reflect the words – and as hard as this was, I think I have done that. I do however have some change left over to also invest in a second car as a fun item so look out for something with a 7 or a 350 in the name during the next 12 months.

Then again, I could always buy that elusive new bike?

Going forward in 2010, I really need to return to circulation. I feel I have been somewhat unsociable and it is time to correct this.

Hockey season is back and the TV Broadcasts start again this coming week. There is also an extra show to be recorded in the studio so that will be challenging, time consuming and educational.

I have the objective of completing a half marathon in July and a triathlon in April so that provides a training purpose.

Notwithstanding, I do need to make a greater effort.

In the meantime, I am also in the market for a new house/unit. I like Spring Hill and West End but it is difficult to match desire and wants with needs and price. The hunt continues.

Stay well