Monday, 4 September 2017

Power of Curiosity

Curiosity – the desire to learn or know about anything: Inquisitiveness.

My challenge, my desire is for us all to regain our curiosity.

We enter this world inherently curious. Everything is new, intriguing, exciting or frightening in varying combinations. 

Our natural infant tendency is to be intrigued by the simplest things and stimulations. We can play for ages with a rattle and every new touch and texture is a source of intrigue.

We grow, our knowledge develops, as does our ability to observe and ask questions in order to satisfy our curiosity.

Busy lives of those most influential in our life mean that often our curiosity remains unsatisfied. This may be our teachers who have so many competing priorities combined with a need to adhere to a curriculum. If only they were allowed more flexibility to not only teach, but also inspire curiosity.

Our parents are busy, often providing short and convenient answers and explanations as they deal with the diversity of challenges from you and your brothers, sisters, friends and all associated pressures.

We learn to dampen our curiosity, to refrain from asking and to stop challenging the authenticity of short form answers or explanations. We protect ourselves.

We become accepting of the normal, less inclined to question the unusual and arguably default to taking the easier, less confrontational but less curious path.

We spiral to easy acceptance.

Join me in actively re-gaining our youthful curiosity and reject the barrier of comfortable banality we wrap around ourselves.

Commit to being more attentive in all areas of our lives and refusing the acceptance of trivial explanations but more importantly, lets commit fully to providing answers and explanations be it family, business, social or wherever. Let us encourage research, investigation and enrichen our and others lives by exploration rather than interpretation.

We can improve our own world, and that of all who move through it by returning to our childhood curiosity and doing so openly and proudly.

Be curious, proudly and assertively curious.

Welcome to your new week

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