Monday, 20 November 2017

Your Label - We All Have One - Are you comfortable with yours?

We tend to stick a Label on people. We also tend to Label ourselves, or perhaps we try to fashion our own.

In business, we may undergo psychometric testing as part of an interview process or during a management seminar.

We receive the results, or our prospective employer receives the results and we are “Labelled”.

I estimate doping 20 or more psychometric tests during my Corporate Days. I also confess to enjoying them.

And then there are the less scientific Labels.

We may be deemed or judged a team player or Individualist, outgoing or quiet, thoughtful or instinctive. 

All are Labels, irrespective of if they are justified or not.

We may have a preferred Label, or strive for a certain Label and image. We may structure, or attempt to structure our behaviours according to how we perceive we want to be viewed.

A Leader may inflict behavioural standards on others so they fit the Label they want for them, or perhaps more correctly, the Label they are most comfortable with.

Then again, a Leader who does this can in no way be Labelled a Leader.

For all that, I am wondering of there is a single Label that is worth us all striving for. A Label that doesn’t care what any testing tells us or anyone else about us. It is also a Label that compliments any other we may wish for ourselves.

It is also a Label we can wear all day, every day, everywhere.  

The Label is ENTHUSIAST.

Imagine such a working environment where every team Member is an enthusiast. Imagine the energy and innovation, the communication and joy of such an environment.

Imagine a place where everyone brings their unique personality and skill set with them, and expresses it as an "Enthusiast".

Picture this flowing over to everything we do.

Who wants to work and live in such an environment?

Who wants to be a Leader creating such an environment?

Now that is, a Leadership project waiting for a Leader of talent and…………….. enthusiasm.

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