Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Worth of a Great Team Member - From the Cafe

How valuable is an exceptional employee?
Is it possible to put a dollar amount in terms of profit made or customers retained due to an outstanding staff member?

What is the cost of an average or poor performing staff member?
How many customers only grace your business once when a first impression fails to impress?

In a large corporate, the value or the cost is almost impossible to measure at an individual level, however, if it is a small, people focused business, it is far more obvious.

I am no coffee expert. In fact, I had never had even a sip of coffee during my first 50 years.

I drink my coffee black, and prefer single origin over blends.

I have gained enough knowledge to know that the coarseness and weight of the grind, the length of the pour and the consistency of the tamper all contribute to a great tasting long black.

I also appreciate the Barista who always purges before each new cup is brewed.

I have a preference for a particular Café having become familiar with it while working in the same building. I now happily drive or cycle some distance because their coffee is of a consistent quality irrespective of the Barista; with one exception.

There really should not be any great difference between a cup of coffee produced by different baristas using the same machinery.

The water temperature is pre-set and the grind and pour times are locked in. To my mind, the variables are so few, all cups should look and taste much the same.

There is however one Barista who makes my coffee significantly better than all the others, including the owner who exudes coffee passion.

I don’t frequent the Café as often as I used to, at least not during the working week.

Due to this Barista being on leave and me being in Europe, it is perhaps 6 weeks since our paths have crossed.

Today, I had the best coffee I have had in 6 weeks.

This particular Café is well run, super friendly and the staff remember your name and order. Sometimes there is a waiting time but the friendly happy nature of the owner and staff make it all worthwhile, as does the consistently good coffee.

But one Barista stands out above them all, and when she is on shift, I am likely to have a second, if not a third.

I suggest Eliza is represents a truly valuable staff member and makes a measurable contribution to revenue. *

*As well as being a great Barista, Eliza is a University Student and has recently launched her own business Nourish & Nurture Co.               

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