Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Political Rant - Denial and F@rt Noises in the Back of the Classroom

How about our Politicians select just one day to talk only about what they have planned for their electorates?

How about for just a single day, they present a positive picture of what they want to achieve, without the associated “barb” directed at an opponent or a sector of the community that may oppose them.

How about, they refrain from calling the truthfulness of their direct opponent in to question and put on the record what they will do.

And the media, for just a single day, every interview is to be conducted live to air and is not to be recorded or posted on catch up media such as IView .

Our politicians are so scared they will say something that will be used against them, they say nothing.

And for this single day, all Politicians will commit to never using their opponent’s words to their own advantage.  

We have an election campaign underway in Queensland at the moment. There is a chance minor parties will play a role in the outcome.

I would prefer a Leader of a Party to have a plan to negotiate with one of the minor parties in the event there is not a clear majority achieved. I want them to at least be open to doing so.

The ALP Leader is refusing to even acknowledge this possibility so I ask, what else are they deluding themselves about?

The LNP Leader is at least acknowledging there could be a minority situation and has said they will negotiate. The problem is, he comes across as still being the kid up the back of the class room making farting noises.

They each claim to be truthful, which means if I believe they are telling the truth, I must also believe each is not.

In a coffee conversation yesterday, a friend was lamenting how hard is it for politicians today and the scrutiny they are under, the relentless questioning by the media and the need to be on top of so much information. Sure, it may be hard but they go in to it with eyes wide open and every seat with a reasonable chance of victory comes with a bitterly contested battle for pre-selection.

Perhaps the most impressive interview I heard in recent days was when a new candidate was asked about a particular policy of their Party and they answered something similar too “I am not yet familiar with our Policy and can’t answer your question right now”. It was refreshing and waffle free, and the journalist moved on to the next question.

Yes, I am dreaming. I am also fed up with the way us electors are having our intelligence insulted by our Politicians.

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