Monday, 6 November 2017

Risk of Cashing in Authenticity

Sometimes it is important to hear your own words directed back at you.

I have been working on a submission for a writing assignment.

This is a reasonably new task for me.

Actually, I need to correct that. It is a new task only in respect of my writing now forms a major portion of my income. Previously, it didn’t matter if I was successful or not as my writing was a mere sideline.

It is not as if I have failed to give proper care and attention to past proposals. I have also aimed to be clear, concise and committed to a concept.

The only difference is, it means more now in terms of percentage of income.

I became aware that I was being a little “wishy washy” when drafting my submission. I was trying to ensure if my idea was not liked, there was the option of another to consider. I was giving myself an out.

I just didn’t feel right.

I was allowing money to influence what I was proposing. Or to put it another way, I was cashing in my authenticity.

Whoever is assessing my proposal and making a decision, needs to know I believe in what I am suggesting. More so, they need to feel I believe it and feel my commitment to creating something I will be proud of while adhering to their brief.

When writing was not a major income item, I would never ever have contemplated submitting anything other than a clear and concise proposal.

I realised (in time) that my approach should not be compromised and my belief should not be diluted based on money.

And what are the words that came back to me, and resulted in my “realisation”?

I mentioned in a message to a friend what I was working on and that I was finding it difficult. His response was:

What is the worst thing that can happen?

The worse thing that could happen is a proposal I submit which lacks authenticity, is approved.

My lesson is, authenticity is better than money, and the only way to achieve wealth.

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