Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Just Because It Is Hard………

It is so easy to not proceed down a chosen path. It may be impatience with progress, disillusionment with a market place or distributor who appears to be out of sync with the conviction you have for your idea, product or service. Persevering is challenging.

In the creative world, the internet means there has never been a greater thirst for content, however, the experience and skills demanded by the internet appetite are arguably lower than pre-internet days. Everyone with a phone is a photographer and everyone else is a reporter.

Authors can now self-publish with relative ease and musicians can produce music in their home studio and release it to the market via a website.

The highly competent photographer producing quality images may not receive appropriate compensation while the image snapped on a smart phone can be edited to make it acceptable and be paid the same price.

It is the same for produces of written content.

It is a highly competitive market and it’s difficult to generate a reliable income.

So why try?

For writers, journalists, actors, artists, photographers and musicians, it has always been extremely difficult to get a break. The Beatles worked really hard for 6 years in order to become an overnight sensation.

The market place for creative content producers is just plain hard.

Passion and talent help, but are not enough. The first step is the hardest and subsequent persistence is a must.

There is a huge range of podcasts available, covering each and every subject imaginable. Entering this market as a new unknown player may be considered somewhat optimistic, to some it may seem silly. It is full to overflowing and almost impossible to generate a commercially sizable audience.

However, if we all faltered before we started, we would have no variety, little new talent and eventual boredom with the same old, same old.

In tandem with an equally adventurous and optimistic colleague, I am entering the podcast ring.

Much of today was spent testing equipment and conducting some trial interviews. Editing and production now follows to give us a first draft to market test and guide us in our next round of trials.

More details to follow.

In the meantime, if you have a story to tell, that would help, inform or educate others, or know someone who does, I would be happy to hear from you.

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