Friday, 30 June 2017

A New Beginning

Today marks the end of a chapter – the first chapter and by definition, the start of a new one.

I began writing Chapter One on 14 February 1977 and the final full stop in this post will represent its conclusion.

On that 1977 Valentine Day, I presented for my first day of full time permanent employment at the Commercial Bank of Australia, spending the first week at the City Training Centre on the corner of Elizabeth and a’Beckett Streets.

I recently wrote about by Bank days here .

I have had a fortunate career, meeting and working with many wonderful people and being exposed to many Leaders. I can say the vast majority have been good or better, and I have learned from each and every one of them.

I was most fortunate to find myself in the right place and time when the phenomenon that has become the Industry Superannuation Movement started. These were not only exciting and revolutionary days, but were also challenging and rewarding. It felt like we were involved in something that was good, and this has proven to be correct.  I have many stories from those days, many that should remain untold.

Starting in Melbourne, this career (so far) has taken me to Brisbane, Sydney, back in Melbourne twice returning to Brisbane in 2001 where I have been since.

I have been fortunate enough to grace many boardrooms as a Manager, General Manager and Executive.

My business travels at one stage had me rack up just over 1 million frequent flyer points, it’s a pity they were with Ansett. More recently, I have gone platinum with another carrier.

In the 1980's through to the early 1990's I was a regular, willing and even talented participant in the art of the long lunch. Other Corporate benefits back in those days helped to substantially improve my golf and the many Pro Ams played were great experiences.

I have spanned an era that witnessed the annual superannuation industry conference grow from 60 attendees in 1983 (where the first female delegates were acknowledged) to some 1500 attendees with about half being Male.

Perhaps the most enjoyable and satisfying period of my career came towards the end and unfortunately covered too short a period of the first 2 of the 7 years at the employer I leave today.

We were a largely South East Queensland based organisation and having received Board approval for my expansion proposal, set about building our presence in several new locations and significantly expanding our numbers in others. Being able to then recruit my own professional team to staff these offices was amazing.

During these 2 years I worked with the most dynamic management group. We all had very different but complementary strengths, were diverse in age, gender and personality but were bound by a common ethic and a determination to always make decisions based on this ethic. I have never more looked forward to the working week, or looked forward less to Fridays’.

It is gap period time. I am not saying gap year because it may last longer, or shorter. I plan to write, work my investments, travel, create and pursue some charitable interests. I will certainly read more, get back on the Golf Course, ride my bike more often in daylight and complete my studies. I would also like to get back to doing some broadcasting but have no idea how this may come about or whether it will be radio, TV or online.

I had originally planned this for November, however I am grateful for my employer providing a financial incentive to bring it forward.

Chapter Two begins, and the first major objective is running the Berlin Marathon.

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