Saturday, 1 July 2017

Weekend Wondering

It is Saturday.

So what?

It feels different, even though it is still the day after the last working day of the week.

Yesterday, Friday, after some 40 years, I called an end to my participation in what might be called traditional employment.

I was asked several times, “what are you doing on Monday?” and my answer surprised many. I said I was looking forward to washing my car.

Perhaps I was meant to say I was looking forward to not waking to an alarm. But in reality, it is 8 or more years since I last set an alarm.

I am looking forward to washing my car as an activity that is symbolic of a change of lifestyle. I have always washed my car on weekends, the time in between the end of one working week and the start of another. Now, every day is a Saturday and every day is a work day.

Not only is it symbolic of a change of lifestyle, but also a change of priority. I stress, I am not retiring.

I look forward to progressing plans to establish a non-traditional working life.

I have become so locked in to the regularity, maybe comfort even of 5 days of work followed by two days of not, that Monday will be interesting.

For all my physical, physiological and financial preparation and planning for this new world of mine, its arrival is still a challenge.

Enjoy your weekend.

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