Sunday, 16 July 2017

Prioritising the Environment and the ABC - Liberal/National Party

In the interests of transparency, I make the following declaration:

I am an avid listener to the various incarnations of ABC Radio including Radio National, News Radio, Local Radio, Classical FM and Triple J.

On the rare occasions I watch TV, it will most likely be one of the ABC channels or SBS.

The various range of ABC Broadcasting services appeals to me for more than just the lack of advertisements.

My perception is the ABC produces content devoid of commercial bias. There are no financial or advertising revenues to consider when reporting or investigating a matter.

There are constant accusations of political bias however given that all sides of politics make this accusation from time to time, I tend to be amused more than concerned by it.

My view is, the so called 6 cents a day per tax payer that funds the ABC is money well spent.

I also understand and respect there are alternative views and I certainly see their merit.

Until yesterday, I had not realised what a huge and pressing issue Federal funding of the ABC is to Queenslanders.

This weekend, the Liberal/National Party held their Queensland State Conference. I assumed this to be a conduit for informed and robust discussion contributing to policy positions always with the best interests of Queensland at front of mind. I also assumed the agenda would reflect the big State issues.

In addition to the essentials of Health and Education, I would see items including Public Transport Infrastructure, Conservation of the Barrier Reef, Sustainable Primary Production, Power Generation, Regional Employment and Roads and Ports as being big tickets items. There are only two days so concentration was surely on matters Queensland.

Not quite.

My understanding is the Conference debated a motion that the ABC should be privatised. It failed.

But there was a backup motion (as I understand it) that funding for ABC and in particular ABC News be withdrawn. This also failed.

Fortunately, attention then turned to matters of the climate and environment.

Queensland does have several pressing environmental matters requiring attention so this is a topic worthy of proper policy consideration. The two that come first to mind are the Adani Mine proposal and the deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef. If time permits, throw Coal Seam Mining in to the mix too.

But no.

Concerning matters environmental the motion was that Australia should withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Seriously, the weekend Liberal/National Party conference debated and voted on a motion for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Again, I preface my comments by saying “as I understand it” the motion was defeated only after two past Party Presidents each declared they are Climate Change Sceptics however encouraged a “no” vote because to vote yes would embarrass the Prime Minister.

A yes vote may have embarrassed the Prime Minister, but not nearly as much as it would have embarrassed the Liberal/National Party in Queensland and dare I say, embarrassed many Queenslanders and Queensland residents.

And in less than 12 months’ time the LNP will be presenting to the Electorate as the alternative Government.


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