Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Stories - From "Un-Celebrity"

We live in a world increasingly influenced by the power of celebrity.

We tend to look at Sports Stars, Actors, Musicians and Artists as role models.
Journalists have been elevated, or perhaps they have elevated themselves to positions where celebrity appears prized more so than substance (generalisation I know).

In business, the Bonds’ and Skases' of the past pursued celebrity status, at least until it all started to go sideways. Richard Branson has chased celebrity as a means of promoting his businesses however ultimately, his business activities have been substantial and sustainable. His celebrity has been matched with ability and he has earned, enjoyed and embraced “celebrity” and the role model responsibilities that come with it.

It has been alleged the recently departed Chief Executive Officer of CPA Australia, Alex Malley, was as interested in building his own image and profile as he was in the fortunes of the CPA. A counter argument is that his own profile complimented the CPA. Notwithstanding, there was a sense of celebrity involved.

The latest utterance of a rapper, hair style of an actor or clothing colour choice by an on air  presenter is subjected to scrutiny. A sports star's even minor indiscretion is front page news, just as an opinion expressed is blown out of proportion and importance.

But what about the tales, challenges and achievements of normal people who are not subjected to the scrutiny of celebrity or the riches and opportunities afforded 'celebrity'. There are many very interesting, inspirational and educational stories we could all learn from.

A few months ago, I discovered a radio programme and podcast series. I has been running for 20 years, was founded in New York and is now syndicated throughout the world and broadcast on hundreds of radio stations.

It is normal people telling a story about a point in their life and they do so in front of a live audience, totally unscripted and one take. The have no business to fund, book to seel or product to promote, they just have 'themselves".

It is largely ‘normal people’; because there is the occasional speaker with an existing profile however they are often telling a tale about when they were still making their way.

What also sets this programme apart is that most stories have a positive outcome or a powerful message, and often both. They are interesting, educational and enlightening and the range of subjects is infinite.

It is called  The Moth Radio Hour  and I recommend it. As well as being available on-line, it is broadcast weekly on ABC Radio National.

There is also an Australian Franchise .

"Do yourself a favour"

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