Saturday, 15 July 2017

Eggs and Chickens - Universe or Consciousness

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

A question as old as can be, and as relevant today as it ever was, if in fact it has ever been relevant.

We read about, hear about being truly open so as to allow the “Universe to Deliver”, but what or who is the Universe?
I am in the process of developing several concepts, some or all of which will go to market.

Accordingly, I am challenged to expand my horizons and my sphere of thinking, to understand my market and position a product or service in such a way its value is also be perceived as “value”.

With this at front of mind, it has been fascinating, if even a little eerie how many times appropriate subject matter has crossed my path.

And crossing my path in the usual or traditional manner and also in almost random or freakish ways.

For example, I received an offer of a free one-month on-line trial to a quality newspaper and I decided to accept. The number of articles being featured that are relevant to my current activities is quite amazing.  

Some recent blog posts were shared on Twitter attracting several new followers some of whom I followed back. Some of their content and links posted have been inciteful, interesting and relevant.

I flicked the radio on during the week at a time I would not usually do so and, a highly relevant interview had commenced.
My Medium daily recommended articles has also contained an extraordinary number of relevant topics.

And there are several other similar examples.

However, are these examples of the Universe Delivering or is it simply my conscious awareness being more attuned to this subject matter because of its relevance at this point of time? Would it always have been there, just not noticed by me?

So, is it the chicken or the egg, the Universe or heightened consciousness of subject matter always available?

Maybe it is both, with one simply following the other.

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