Sunday, 11 June 2017

51 Days Writing

I had anticipated writing this post yesterday but there was something far more pressing to address.

Besides, it is common to mark a ‘50th’ occasion but quite rare to do so for a ‘51st”.

Back on 17 April, I set myself the challenge to write an article every day for 30 days.

Today marks 51 consecutive days of producing and posting an article.

What have I discovered?

With only a few exceptions, it has been relatively easy to come up with something to write about each day. Something usually presents itself and becomes the obvious subject.

On those days it has not been intuitive, reviewing my day, the conversations I have had and the content I have been reading has generally identified a topic.

I have been surprised at the number of daily visits to the blog. I was expecting perhaps dozens, but it has often been hundreds. As the numbers began to grow, it was tempting to write on topics that had previously generated traffic however I resisted the temptation to do so committing instead to being authentic.

The geographical diversity of readership has also surprised. Until a few weeks ago, reader numbers in the United States exceeded those in Australia. Numbers are also high throughout Europe with Germany dominating. Singapore has been quite consistent and the most surprising visit has been from Armenia.

Some topics achieve very high immediate numbers and are then never visited again. Others however generate consistent traffic for weeks. One of the most read posts that continues to receive weekly visits is when I wrote about, Having Nothing to Write About  .

Upon writing and posting each day, I promote the new post via Facebook and Twitter . I have a very closed Facebook page and have a policy of not having people I currently work with as Facebook Friends. My Twitter account is open however there are few work followers. I have therefore been surprised at the number of current work colleagues who have become readers.

I have recently promoted selected articles on LinkedIn too. This would expose the Blog to work colleagues.
Most search engine traffic has come via Chrome.

The Feedback has been interesting and appreciated. A regular feedback theme is that I have been quite ‘soft’, or could have gone ‘harder’ on a topic, primarily Political. I agree with this feedback however I am aware I am employed by an organisation that provides services to Government. I also have to be conscious of our Social Media Policy. I have certainly not sort to keep my writing secret and sent my CEO and my Chief Manager the post about Domestic Violence.

The post I have had the highest number of immediate feedback for was yesterday's. .
I am most grateful to Toula Ainalis for proof reading the majority of articles. I suggest those she has not ‘proofed’ will be obvious.  

So, what is next?

Keep writing and Posting as long as it is enjoyable and satisfying to do so.

In closing, thank you to everyone who has read one article and to those who read daily, a huge, huge thank you.

I have also greatly appreciated every Facebook “like” “comment” or “share” and every Twitter “like” and “re-tweet”.

As always, comments and feedback welcomed, as are suggestions for writing topics or subjects.

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