Monday, 26 June 2017

Unintended Mindfulness

The habit of writing each day has produced some most interesting and unexpected findings.

Today represents 70 consecutive days of posting an article and I have changed, evolved and developed personally as a direct result of doing so.

I wonder if I am achieving Mindfulness?

The articulation and teaching of” Mindfulness” as a “thing” is relatively new, as is “being in the moment”. I have read much about Mindfulness and often considered how to consciously practice this. Maybe I am now doing just that, at least occasionally anyway.

My daily writing routine has delivered some associated changes that may just represent Mindfulness.

I am aware of becoming significantly more interested in what is going on in my immediate environs. I am paying much more attention to people I come in to contact with and being far more engaged in conversations I am involved in. I am more engaged in radio programs I seek out to listen too, what I am reading on a daily basis and specific Podcasts I indulge myself with.

I am having more conversations with people I know but even more so, proper conversations with associates, acquaintances and strangers. I am also enjoying, rather than avoiding such interactions.

I have also become far more patient, less rushed, more measured. My powers of observation have consciously improved as is my appreciation of what I am observing.

The cynic in me could suggest I have the ulterior motive of looking for a topic to turn into an article each day, or having a selfish motive perhaps, and that is a fair observation.

However, the benefits daily writing has delivered at a personal level, and to my personal development, relationships, interactions and life in general has been quite revealing and truly positive.

I do wonder what other habits or routines could be adopted to further “self-develop”?

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