Monday, 5 June 2017

Random Rant Monday

What is happening in our world?

In our largest democracy, and sadly in many groupings in the Western World, Climate Change Policy is only important so long as we can keep digging up the environment and re-releasing carbon captured over millions of years back in to the environment.

In addition;
·       Tolerance is something only practiced by “others” towards us; reciprocation is not required.

·       Nationalism is thriving.

·       Globalisation is seen as a problem.

The absurdity is Nationalism is becoming increasingly Globalised.

Our disposable world, our need to consume has increased the void between those who ‘have’ and those who ‘have not’.

The ‘have nots’ also have little hope, hence the attraction of radicalism. They are attracted by the possibility of some sense of purpose, of meaning and of value, of a feeling of belonging.

Mindless slogans are the mantra of our political leaders, sounding strong but lacking in substance.

Education is the means out of poverty, out of suppression, but even in this wealthy country, a mindless political debate is running for political gain only. The side that was anti the education funding reform proposed by the then Government is now proposing a similar reform, but the side who previously proposed it in Government, now opposes it in Opposition.

The original proposal should have been endorsed and the current proposal should now be endorsed.

But let’s not let common sense get in the way of political points scoring. Let’s not provide certainty of funding to our educators or a sense of security to education practitioners.

Grow up and get on with what is right for the long term. Let’s create a world where today’s children and their children will look back and say we, the current generations of the world did us proud.

Let’s do that while we still have time.

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