Friday, 2 June 2017

Trump's Positive Legacy

Whether we do so consciously, we all leave behind a legacy.

It may be the work we do, charities we support, people we help or the families we raise. It can be just about anything.

A legacy may be viewed in a positive or a negative way perhaps depending on the observer’s personal opinions and beliefs.

But, we all do leave a legacy.

Donald Trump is well on his way to leaving a legacy and depending on each individuals view; many of his acts will represent a good legacy or a not so good legacy. A great big wall could well be a physical legacy.

But what of his positive impact on the World?

His announcement to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord may prove to be his greatest positive legacy.

There has rarely been such a united European response as that following the announcement.

When was the last time the leaders of Germany, France and Italy united as one to release a joint statement as they have done in the last 24 hours, confirming their commitment to the Climate Accord?

Their statement was strong, clear and committed.

The Belgium Prime Minister was unequivocal referring to the US decision as “a Brutal Act” while the leaders of Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden made their position very clear even before the decision.

The Donald Trump Presidency positive legacy may well prove to be providing the catalyst, motivation and incentive for a truly united Europe and a united Europe may well prove a very powerful and positive entity.

I should add, the leadership of China and India also re-confirmed their commitment to the Accord, as did the British Prime Minister and most other signatories.

There is nothing like a passionate issue to unite a movement and we may well be thanking Donald Trump for the role he played in such unity. It may well be his legacy.


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