Thursday, 1 June 2017

Comfortable Being Proud

I had a conversation today with someone I have not seen for 4 weeks.

In his early 30’s, he is a middle manager destined to be at this level for a short time only; he is definitely on an upwards trajectory. He is intelligent, multiple degree qualified, hardworking, capable, analytical, a good communicator and also ‘gets’ people.

Career has been a focus for him, although he has followed several directions in his quite short time. A qualified pilot, he attained commercial accreditation and worked professionally in aviation. An ambition to become an institutional investment professional took him down an economics pathway until he realised this was not for him.

Currently managing a team of people seeking to make several areas of his employer’s business both functional and profitable, he has proven his leadership ability and results have followed.

He was a very good competitive junior tennis player and now runs to keep fit and relieve stress

He has a structured routine, but proudly so and is highly disciplined.

I suspect his future is in consulting to businesses, perhaps working for a McKinsey’s or similar.

He is talented and driven, caring and motivated, results orientated and willing to drive himself to achieve business outcomes.

Or at least that was him 4 weeks ago.

I haven’t seen him for 4 weeks because he has been on leave.

Four weeks ago, he became a Father.

Today my conversation was with a colleague who is proud first and foremost of his partner and his daughter, his family. He still views his career as important and is still motivated to succeed, but not to the exclusion of all else.

He is a proud Father and Partner but more than that, he is a proud person with a new balance to how he identifies himself and wants to be identified. He is open to being upfront about the thrills and the challenges of parenthood. He spoke about being up between 2 am and 4 am this morning comforting his daughter, and did so with pride and responsibility and never a complaint.

He is exactly the same person I last spoke with 4 weeks ago, while at the same time, much calmer, more complete and much happier.

It was a delight to see.

More so, it was a delight to see that in the macho, ego centric world that can prevail in the cut throat financial world, he was comfortable being authentic about his new life and it being better than before.

This is yet another step on the road to equality.

May the journey continue

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