Thursday, 5 October 2017

Trump Presidency Can Achieve Historical Greatness

At the risk of being accused of ludicrous positivity, I present a scenario only a Leader possessing the characteristics of President Trump could achieve. Further, I strongly suggest the scenario I outline, would see President Trump go in to history having achieved one of the most positive and long lasting contributions to the lifestyle of all Americans irrespective of background, race, religion or origin.

Further, it is the unique components of the Trump Presidency that mean he is the only President who could achieve this, at least in the past 75 years and most likely the next too

Why can President Trump do what no other could, or can do?

·       First and foremost, he is not a career politician. We have repeatedly seen him ignore traditional political process. For example, directly negotiating with the Democrats for a deal on the debt ceiling, much to the annoyance of his own Republican Party. He doesn’t adhere to usual protocols and he doesn’t need the usual alliances or affiliations.

·       His own Republican Party has little or no control over him. He makes his own decisions and executes his own agenda, and this can be very fluid. He does not feel bound by traditional Republican Party positions and policies.

·       He has a core group of supporters who will stay with him, no matter what. If he says it, they believe it.

·       His Democrat opponents are pragmatic in the traditional USA Political sense. They will support an action that meets their policy agenda.

·       He will form whatever alliance suits his purpose, in the moment.

·       He doesn’t rely on external funds/donations in anywhere near the same way as other politicians.

·       He would like to be remembered forever, for doing something that would be forever hailed as “great”.

Basically, he plays by his own set of rules and while this makes him unpredictable to the traditionalists, it gives him independence together with policy and decision-making flexibility.

President Trump could lock in a positive legacy that would be forever talked about and admired.

He could introduce Gun Control.

Further, he could appeal to President Obama to support such an initiative and I suspect he would receive his support.

Call me a dreamer, accuse me of ludicrous hopefulness, tell me I am ridiculous but at the same time consider just how much about this administration is different.

Here is a chance for the Donald Trump Presidency to be forever remembered in a positive light. It would outshine everything he has said and done, and will say and do.

He may even get himself re-elected running as an independent with grass root Democrat support.

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