Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Idealism and Career Choices

Why do some of us find it easy to make and execute decisions that appear strange, high risk and even bizarre?

We may raise our eyes on learning of the successful lawyer who decides to turn their hand to performing comedy, or the Airline Pilot who gives the high life away to make their way as an author.

Interestingly, it is only the success stories that attract our attention when in reality, there must be many who have attempted such a large change with limited success.

Do we look at such decision makers with envy or wonderment? Maybe we silently or openly applaud the new course they set for themselves.

Perhaps the answer is influenced by the underlying motivation. Are they leaving a way of life or are they starting a new life and if so why? Then again, they may be driven by more ideological factors. 

I got to thinking about this today when the story of Allan Ishac came across my Medium feed.

Allan Ishac was working as an Advertising Copywriter while becoming increasing concerned about the growing momentum of the Trump Campaign to attain the Presidency.

His response was to post a daily article satirising the would be President.

He was motivated by the words of Mark Twain who once said “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand”.

When Donald Trump achieved victory, Ishac quit his job to devote all his energies to his “Satire Attack” against the new president.

He has since built a monthly readership 950,000 and had just published his first book.

My interest in this story is twofold. Not only did Allan Ishac move away from the security of permanent employment, he did so to pursue a path that he felt was important to him and his country.

I am not here to pass opinion on the work he is undertaking. I do however admire the choice he has made and the commitment of conviction he has to make a contribute to and attempt to influence the national political debate. Here is Allan's website.

How many of us have the courage of our conviction to make such a move?

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