Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bipartisanism – more like Bicrapitisan

We offer the Government a Bipartisan approach to this issue.

The Government is seeking a Bipartisan approach to resolve this challenge.

Absolute rubbish.

We are hearing calls for, demands even for a Bipartisan approach. However, it seems the definition of those offering and those asking for bipartisanism is for the other side to agree 100% with what the other is wanting to do.

The offer of bipartisanism is the first thing offered.   

Surely bipartisanism is the result of a process and not the first thing offered?

Surely, two opposing parties discuss their ideal approach, make compromises and hopefully achieve a more balanced alternative they can both support. It is the outcome of meaningful, mature and respectful negotiation.

And how boring is the other rhetoric?

Bill says Malcolm is beholden to the Radical Right and Malcolm says Bill is subservient to the Left-Wing Unions. Have you any idea how childish this sounds and how incredibly unengaged we become as a result.

To politicians everywhere, take a look at yourselves because we have lost faith in you and your intentions.

We do not believe you are governing, or for that matter opposing with the intention of a good outcome in mind. We believe selfish interests are your motivation and we, the people you serve are paying the price.

Single issue and no issue political parties with flexible idealism are becoming increasingly popular, not because they are attractive, but because the major parties are disgraceful.

Malcolm and Bill, you are both becoming equally unimpressive. 

How about a display of Bipartisanism to sort it out?

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