Monday, 21 August 2017

With a Totally Open and Positive Mindset

Imagine if you could clear your mind of all negativity.

What would this do for your business, your life?

Without those past negative experiences clogging up your world, you will bring optimism and hope to every activity. You may be more outgoing as past social hiccups will no longer bring down the cloak of self-protection. Everything is limitless.

You will retain the manners of your upbringing and associated positive traits embedded in your self-consciousness.

Further, imagine you are Vice President of a multinational, well known Company and are based in Brussels.

The fresh, uninhibited perspective you could bring to everything your employer does would be hugely significant. Truly ground breaking.

Is this in any way appealing?

Imagine this could be achieved by the taking of a tablet or an injection. 

Would you take it?

Before you answer, there are some temporary side effects.

As well as erasing all negativity from your mind, you will also not initially be able to remember or recognise your partner or children. You will also not recognise any other family or friends or have any recollection of who they are or why they are friends or family.

You won’t recall your childhood or have any recollection of where you studied or what you studied.

You won’t remember how to do basic tasks, where the bus stop is or how to get there. You won’t remember how to cook.

Does that change your answer?

However, your Partner, Family and Friends will be totally supportive of your new, be it temporary way of life. They will help with your education, fill in the gaps in other walks of life and be protective

But there is more.

Your ability to study, to learn new things is extraordinary as your mind is free from all clutter. What may have taken years to grasp now takes weeks.

Does that make a difference?

In addition, your Partner of many years all of a sudden becomes like a new romance with all the associated excitement. You have no memory of love making meaning that mentally, you lose your virginity for a second time, but on this occasion to a caring, considerate and loving partner, which is not always the case when a teenager or soon after.

As an adult, you also get to experience the wonderment that comes with what mentally, is your first time flying, train trip and boat ride. Your first merry-go-round ride, first chocolate and ice cream. It is all new. You get to everything for the first time, again.

You have no sense of fear and are willing to try new things, to benefit from new experiences.

The peak of this new state of mind will last 2 months and gradually over 6 months, much of your past will re-present itself, but you will retain your new learnings.

Your employer will have benefitted hugely from your new perspective and your career is set to soar further.

Your partner and children and many friends think you are pretty cool too. 

However, some friends were offended you did not remember them but this is another side effect and anyway, were they really friends in the first place?

The above is based on the true story of Robyn Pratt. A lady from country Queensland who underwent sinus surgery in Belgium, and upon waking, had no memory. She did not recognise her Partner or Children, had no childhood memories; she did not know who she was. This was thought to be a reaction to the anaesthetic.  

At the time, she was Vice President – Six Sigma and Operation Innovation with Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Robyn later became Vice president – Brand Management – W Hotels, Le Meridien Hotels for Europe, Africa and Middle East.

She is now Malta based and is Principal and Managing Director of Impact Consulting Limited.

It took 2 years for her to reconstruct her life.

Here is a podcast of an interview with Robyn in 2013. It is fascinating, a little confronting and also uplifting.

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