Saturday, 19 August 2017

Liveable City

The 2017 most liveable city results were released three days ago.

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducts research and produces the annual report having assessed Liveability based on Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, Culture and Environment and Stability.

Each category is given a rating out of 100, these are then rolled in to an overall rating out of 100.

The top three Cities were separated by 0.2. The top 10 by 2.5.

I am not disrespecting these ratings, but I do wonder what the point is.

I would like to see if those Cities with consistently higher ratings have attracted more business investment or population growth than others at the mid-point.

I also wonder if people are moving away from Cities on the basis of their ratings.

The Economist has determined the criteria by which Liveability will be rated and these seem all very reasonable. But what about the actual people living in each City.

Most of us live where we do because it is home. Our City of residence is where we are comfortable, happy and where the people are that matter most to us. The City in which I live is highly Liveable, but came in at number 16. I was in Adelaide 6 months ago and noticed almost zero difference in Liveability and the South Australian Capital is rated at 5. Yes, Adelaide with some rather suspect Power infrastructure is the number 5 most liveable City in the world.

Sure, some people move Cities to pursue a change of lifestyle, it may be weather related, cost inspired or chasing an opportunity. I doubt their decision is influenced by the official ratings.

Many simply do not have a choice, or do not perceive they do.

Overall, we mostly love where we live, because that is where we live.

As for the most liveable City, in the world. It is the same this year as it was the previous 6 years. It is a City that abounds with Gardens, hosts sporting events as well as anywhere in the world and has an adequate, although stretched Public Transport network. I cannot comment on health services as I have not experienced these for 30 or so years. It has great cultural diversity and tolerance.

The City rated most liveable in the world for the 7th consecutive year is Melbourne.

I suspect however, that it is more important to most Victorians to merely be rated above Sydney.

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