Sunday, 20 August 2017

Whole Self Engagement - A Sunday Self Refelctive

My weekdays are different now, my weekends too.

I have happily left behind the expectation of the new working week and likewise, have left behind the anticipation of the weekend about to start.

I have commented on numerous occasions that I am not sure if every day is a weekend or every day is a workday. What I do know is everyday feels exciting.

In several articles, I have referenced conversation I have been involved in. Having conversations is not something knew however there appears to be a greater quality now. I am also enjoying social occasions far more than I used to and even looking forward to these.

Again, it is not as if I previously didn’t enjoy or look forward to such occasions. I have however become very aware that my dynamic or energy is different now. I pay far more attention, actively listen, ask more questions and am overall far more engaged.

What has changed is that I am not being constantly aware of the time, of where I next need to be, who is in need of my counsel or advice and who do I need to seek out for advice or decisions.

When I am “there” I am all there, or at least most of me is.

Last week, I was out for dinner with friends I have not seen for nearly 12 months. I not only looked forward to it, but was relaxed and involved, genuinely interested in what they were all up to and their future plans. Two have retired, another will by year's end while the other has broad ideas about what work will look like in the future.

Thursday morning was coffee with a friend and former colleague from North Queensland. We share a number of common interests and our conversations have always been reasonably diverse. It was however our common business involvement that inevitably dominated our chat. On Thursday, we referenced matter Financial for about 2 of our 70 minutes together and if it wasn’t for a need to catch a flight, we may have spent another hour or more over yet another coffee.

Friday was another dinner date, with a couple who have just purchased the caravan and car package. I was interested in just what goes in to making a caravan purchase. I suspect I would have been bored to tears with this conversation had it occurred 12 months ago, perhaps even 2 months ago.

Back to the matter of work days and weekends. It really doesn’t matter. Every day is enjoyable, satisfying, stimulating and with objectives in mind.

But, perhaps the biggest change is that I am no longer in a state of perpetual tiredness and exhaustion, making everything else more enjoyable, relaxed, stimulating, educational and engaging.

If only I could find the secret to helping others achieve this engagement in traditional working life.

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