Thursday, 1 February 2018

Hypocrisy in a Filing Cabinet

Once I shut down my little laugh at the news a filing cabinet or two containing highly secretive Cabinet Papers had found it’s way to a second-hand furniture sale then to a citizen, I came to consider the broader picture.

Fortunately, the confidential documents covered periods when both sides of our political spectrum were in Government and we were spared the point scoring pettiness that has become a feature of our political debate.

However, there has been no lack in the usual hypocrisy surrounding this discovery.

Imagine the political uproar if instead of being Government confidential documents, it was Bank, Insurance, Financial Advice or Pharmaceutical documents found in the filing cabinet at the “garage sale”.

Our Politicians would be crawling over each other calling for the Heads to roll of the CEO’s or Chairpersons as a sign of responsibility and accountability.

There would be a brutal contest to see who could be the toughest and calls for a Royal Commission, Senate Enquiry, Police Investigation and who knows what else would be filling our airwaves.

Our Executive Government deals with all subjects effecting our Country.

Matters Economic, Social, Health, Defence and Diplomatic are discussed openly and frankly. By their nature, these are sensitive and their disclosure can have a huge impact domestically and internationally.

Confidentiality for Bank and other documents is of critical importance but I suspect not nearly as important as the documents of Government.

I would like to think there would be some accountability from the Political Classes but I guess it is no surprise there is not.

I suppose we can g=be grateful there is no attempt to dismiss it as “fake News”, at least for now anyway.

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