Monday, 17 April 2017

W Day

So, I call myself a “writer”.

I am studying a Journalism Degree.

But I hardly ever publish anything or submit anything for publishing.

I write often but rarely complete the article, or what I complete requires more editing. I am too often distracted.

Today I am accepting a self-challenge.  Starting tomorrow, on each of the next 30 days I will write an article and complete to my satisfaction. I may not publish it, and I may.
I have no set agenda as to what I will write about, just a commitment to write about something, honesty and to complete what I produce to a level of satisfaction that I would submit it for publishing.

What I write about will be based on an idea I have, an observation I make or a matter I feel strongly about. It may be sport related, politically motivated, environment influenced or anything at all. It could be travel inspired, health, fitness, finance, investment urbane or diet related. It may be an interview and it might even be fiction. I will not be producing content with a market in mind; I will be creating the habit of writing, of collecting ideas, or researching content.

Tomorrow, I stop calling myself a writer and I will start to become one.

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