Monday, 24 April 2017

Coffee Relationship

What is your relationship with coffee?

My first sip of coffee was in October 2010, on a Sunday morning in a Café in Rue de Rivoli, Paris.

I had been a lifetime committed tea drinker 'wearing' the fact I had never ever having had as a “badge of honour”.

I was well aware France and in particular Paris, is not known for good coffee. My debut was a “Café Creame” which is French for a Latte.

I decided to have a coffee as a celebration of the end of a wonderful 4 weeks cycling in France and Switzerland.

My second ever coffee was another Café Creame, this time in 2012 after cycling to the summit of Alpe d’Huez, an iconic climb (for a cyclist) in the French Alps.

I would joke that “I only drink coffee in France”.

My son convinced me to try a coffee at one of the best purveyors of coffee in Brisbane and after having several over a few weeks, I switched from Latte’s to Long Black and have never looked back. I do also splurge on the occasional Espresso or Long Macchiato

I quickly became somewhat a coffee snob. I have two suburban preferred outlets and four city venues. I have a preference for single origin options.

I have attended a 'one on one' introduction to being a Barista and discovered what a difference the coarseness of the bean grind and pour times make.

I can look at a Barista at work and critique their technique, purge consistency and the like.

I enjoy discussing different beans and the characteristics applicable to different countries.

My relationship with coffee, defined by the discussions I have and the analysis I enter in to is reminiscent of another relationship I nurtured between the the ages of 30 and 40 – my relationship with Red Wine.

Fortunately, I can take or leave both, although, if pushed, I think I enjoy coffee in my 50’s more than I enjoyed Red Wine in my 30’s.

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