Saturday, 29 April 2017

Government Absurdity - May Day

1 May in 2017 is May Day public Holiday in Queensland. Some States call it Labour Day.

The occasion remembers the granting on 1 May 1884 of the 8 hour working day, dividing each day equally in to 8 hours of work, rest and play, hence being called May Day.

For me, the occasion is also a reminder of Government absurdity.

The Queensland Government under Premier Anna Bligh wanted a more even spread of public holidays throughout the year believing too many were in the first half of the year. There was some merit to this.

This was achieved by moving the Queen’s Birthday holiday to October. While some traditionalists and a few Monarchists complained, the general acceptance  was the holiday designated “Queens Birthday” has nothing to do with “Her” birthday. Interestingly, this public holiday occurs when it does due to the high probability of reasonable weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

Getting back to Government absurdity.

The Government changed in March 2012 when the Campbell Newman led LNP won in a landslide.

There had been a bitter campaign with much personal abuse and mudslinging, however the size of the victory was such that there was much optimism about the potential reform that would follow.

Getting down to work meant addressing spiralling State Debt and interest liabilities, shortening wait times in Public Hospitals and initiating infrastructure projects, at least you would think that would be the priority.

But no, Premier Newman announced the swapping of the May Day and Queens Birthday Holidays meaning May Day would be celebrated in October.

In my view, this was an act of sheer hatred and unnecessary bastardry. If the Government had an issue with the Queen’s Birthday Holiday not being in June, move it.  In my opinion, prioritising this action deliberately upsetting traditional Labour Supporters and Unionists symbolised pettiness and absurdity. It also set the tone for a Government which would be thrown out less than 3 years later with a reputation for not caring, poor communication and recklessness.

Enjoy May Day Queensland

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