Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Domestic Violence - Education is One Part of the Solution

I am about to write about a subject of which I have no personal experience, no exposure to, or at least no awareness of any exposure via family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

However, it stands to reason that at some stage, I must have, but have not been aware of it.

The subject is one growing in awareness, but still one miss understood by many, myself included.

What I do know is this is a soul destroying, life destructing, family deteriorating subject and 110 lives cease to physically exist each year, while countless other lives suffer lifelong trauma.

The subject is Domestic Violence.

In Brisbane on 3rd May at 5.30pm a candle lighting ceremony will take place followed at 6 pm by the start of a 110 kilometre team relay, each kilometre symbolic of a life lost each year to Domestic Violence.

There are associated 3 k and 10 events from 6am on the morning of 4 May, coinciding with the conclusion of the 12 hour 110 k relay.

The event is to raise funds.

As important as raising funds is, I can’t help but feel raising awareness of this horrific act furthering education, and teaching empowerment is of almost equal importance.

I urge as many people as possible to come along to the candle lighting event, or join in the activities on the morning of 4 May.

More importantly though, I urge you to bring along your family, your children no matter what age. I encourage you to use this event as a means for having a conversation with your children about Domestic Violence and begin the empowering process to help equip them for dealing with this in their futures. Chances are many will be exposed to Domestic Violence, if not directly, then via a friend, colleague or associate.

Let us start to build the skills of empowerment so our children can join the movement to first slow the escalation of Domestic Violence events and then reduce and eliminate this horrific social disease.

Imagine bringing along your 6, 8 or 10 year son or daughter and explaining the significance of the 110 kilometres, or 110 candles. Enter the 3 kilometre event as a family exercise and talk about what domestic violence is and the options to address it should they ever be confronted by it.

Move forward to when your child is now 15 years of age and progressing through maturity. We can all remember our teenage years and the reliance we place upon our friends. Imagine your son or daughter becomes aware of bruising on the body of a friend, or conversation reveals violent acts in the home.

The education you provided your child using the Darkness to Daylight event as the conduit to do so, could easily result in them supporting their 15 year old friend to take action, seek support and to not be alone.

Empowering your children through education could literally save a physical life. Literally save their own life.

More details about this event can be found here:

My personal involvement is as a member of a team running the 110 kilometres.

We are also fundraising and if you can’t come down but want to participate, here is our fund raising link (feel free to select my name too - Colin Morley)

One final request, if you are out and about on the night of Wednesday 3 May, can’t sleep and want to do something or you like the idea of participating and supporting a great endeavour in the late of night or small morning hours, come on down to the Southbank Cultural Forecourt, look for the QSuper annexe/tent.

One more thing, feel free to bring me a coffee – Long Black please.



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