Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Student Rallies, Optimism and Cold War Alliances 2.0

Some days there is so much to write about but at the same time, little motivation to do so.

Old Cold War Allies have banded together to expel Russian Diplomats. Russia will most certainly respond in kind,

How did that work for you all last time? You know, back when we had a big wall separating East from West and all those execution style deaths on park benches on cold European winter days.

Or did I watch too many iron curtain related movies from many years ago?

Speaking of wars, the student rallies in the United States supporting of gun control laws reminded me of another time students rallied and changed the world.

I am reminded of the University students around the world protesting against the United States and its allies ongoing involvement in the war in Vietnam.

The student protests in the USA this past week have been impressive as has been the eloquence of their spokespeople. It all indicates great hope these leaders of the future will bring a more compassionate, inclusive and peaceful voice to the world.

Then again, the political elite of today were also the generation taking action to bring about the end of the Vietnam War.

How quickly they moved on, or did they simply forget?

I will however remain positive. The students of the 1970’s were protesting against a war. The students of today are rallying in support of gun control.

It is after all far easier to be against something than it is to stand for something.

In our still successful, but stumbling democracies, the narrative has increasingly been negative.

I know of rusted on Democrats who voted Republican in the Presidential election, or as they put it, they voted against Hilary Clinton.

Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of the rallies in support of gun control will be a generation that once again stands for something rather than taking the easier and less intellectual stance of being against what the other person is in favour of.

We can but hope.

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