Friday, 2 March 2018

Gambling and Guns

How many of us realised there is an election in Tasmania tomorrow?

If you are a mainlander and did know about the election, did you really care about it?

While there are the now usual raft of independent and small party candidates, the Government will be formed by one of the major parties.

Unusually in this era of bland leadership and small target policies, there are several vastly different policy positions driving support for one side or the other.

The Tasmanian Labour Party has taken a stand on poker machines.
Citing the damage to families and society in general of these highly addictive money drainage machines, Labour has promised to remove them from pubs and clubs.

The Liberals fully support the status quo.

A clear difference indeed.

The other clear difference has only become public today and almost by accident.

It also represents a significant change of policy by the ruling Liberal Party

Given this policy shift, it is surprising what was agreed some weeks ago, has not been spruiked far and wide. After all, politics is about selling your policies to an electorate in order to receive their vote.

Then again, maybe the Liberals wanted to keep this one quiet.

The Tasmanian Liberals have agreed with the Sporting Shooters to relax gun control laws in Tasmania.

They have committed to longer licence terms and to allowing semi-automatic weapons.  

I am speechless.

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