Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Relationship in Jeopardy - Announcing a Trial Separation

A long-term relationship on the brink of collapse is always sad.

Often the two parties grow at different paces and in different directions; priorities change.

There is no one thing but usually an accumulation of many factors over a period of time.

Chances are, one party has known for some time the relationship is in jeopardy.

There are cases when a trial separation proves successful in re-igniting the relationship, but many more when this is just an easy step towards the inevitable outcome.

It with a heavy heart that I announce a trial separation of a long-term relationship and one of the longest I have ever experienced.

The trial separation may well work and a happy reconciliation of two motivated and committed parties is the outcome.

Let’s see what happens.

To my soon to be separated relationship partner, I say:

“As we enter in to this period of separation, chances are my focus is on the emotional while increasingly, the financial has been your focus. I will work on finding some middle ground however I also need you to do the same, where money is not always more important than morality, ethics and loyalty.

My preference is that we do reconcile and find a way forward to our mutual benefit.

At times like these, it is easy to focus on the negative, nasty, ugly and hard times. In particular, 1985 comes to mind.
I had no concern when you changed your dress sense and included more colour in your wardrobe. I was accepting as your attention span became shorter and shorter. I was genuinely excited as you assertively sort to include other genders in our relationship. 

Be assured, I have loved, adored and been enthralled by you. At times I have been obsessed and fanatical about you and all too often prioritised you over business and other relationships. You have comforted me through many long and cold winter evenings. You have provided me with many more happy memories than sad.

Right now, I have no idea if we will reconcile.

I certainly wish you no harm.”

For a trial period, I announce my separation from the World of Cricket.

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