Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Talent + Values is a Powerful Equation

Talent is something we are gifted by our parents.

Our parents also provide an environment where our talent may be allowed to develop.

Decisions are made on our behalf that assist including the schools we attend, the teachers we have, the examples we are exposed to, the encouragement we receive and the reinforcements we are subjected to.   

The values we develop, adopt and practice influence how our talent is displayed and used.

We all have a talent for something and sadly, this is not always able to come to the surface.

Where talent is allowed to prosper, it is the values that are associated with our talent that reflect any success that may come our way.

An extreme example, may be someone with a natural talent for applying numerical analysis to matters economic working successfully and valuably in Government or industry. Alternatively, if values are not instilled, they may become successful in the dark art of embezzlement.

Once developed, how we express our talent is determined by the associated values we develop from those who influence us, business cultures we are exposed to and the communities we belong too.

More important than all of those influences are the values instilled in us by our parents.

The values we possess impact how we respond to diversity, our self-awareness, behaviours and manners in all we do. Our values are demonstrated by the respect we show others and the respect we earn in return.

Roger Federer and Bernard Tomic were both born with extraordinary tennis talent.

Both developed this talent and were provided the support networks to allow them to do so.

I can think of few things less alike than how each express their talent and my assumption is, this is all to do with the values they were each exposed to during their formative years.

It is no different in business. Consider the Leaders and Colleagues you admire most. Consider the people that inspire you and those you respect and respect you in return.

All your work colleagues will have their unique talents. My bet is those who came to mind when reading the previous paragraph are those who also possess fundamentally sound values.

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