Thursday, 25 January 2018

Men in Business, Politics, Sport, Charity and Church - This is wrong

I am writing this as the clock ticks over to 4 am.

I have been awake about 20 minutes and as usual, have checked how the overnight markets are progressing before having a look at breaking news.

I am not often angry, bewildered, annoyed or flabbergasted at this time of the morning.

It is also rare to feel frustrated and deceived at 4 am.

Today is an exception.

I wake to a report of a recent function at London’s Dorchester Hotel to raise funds for “worthy children’s causes”.

It was a “men only’ event and the opening dialogue by the Master of Ceremonies stated it to be “the most un-PC event of the year”.

360 so-called elite attendees were served by 130 female hostesses all fitting the brief of being “tall, thin and pretty” and all required to wear “black sexy shoes, black underwear and short tight black dresses”.

Madison Marriage, journalist with the Financial Times, successfully applied for a Hostess role and reported her findings.

Her allegations are summarised in this article and her full report is here.

This function was attended by British and International Business Leaders and key players in Politics, Finance and Entertainment.

Or, to put it another way, senior and influential people from within the areas that have been accused of inappropriate behaviour towards Woman attended.

These are the type of people who have decried the allegations of abuse of Women levelled at well-known entertainment, business and political figures.

These are the people we would reasonably expect to lead the way in the enforcement of proper behaviour and respect.

These are the very Leaders who have stated a commitment to improving behaviour to towards Women and to achieving equality.

I am left disillusioned by what I have read.

I am left feeling all the words of support and commitment to change are nothing more than lip service.

I am left believing there is no real commitment to change.

It is not uncommon for a woman accusing a man of predatory behaviour to be told they should have just “left”.

The only way there will be sustainable change is if Men speak up against the behaviour of their fellow male at the time inappropriate behaviour is taking place, and then leave.

Us Men appear shallow and gutless in such circumstances.

Too many of us remain beholden to the “brotherhood” and addicted to a role of acceptance under the disguise of being a good bloke or one of the lads.

What was never acceptable was too often tolerated.

Man up, grow a set, speak up for and set an example of what we all know is right.

In respecting Women, we also re-claim our self esteem, something as a collective, we cannot currently claim to have.

It is now 4.45am.

Change starts today, and it starts with you as it does with me.

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