Friday, 26 January 2018

Radically Re-Thinking 26 January

I propose we no longer have a holiday on 26 January each year to celebrate Australia Day.

Further, I propose we have a holiday each year on 26 January in honour of National Family Day.

National Family Day will have an emphasise on bringing families together and provide a day where focus can be on celebrating Family and reconciling, forgiving and reconnecting family members and groups within families.

All business will close for 24 hours. This includes restaurants, fast food outlets, pubs, bars, clubs, casinos and convenience stores.

Food and drinks will be available for guests actually staying in hotels, and their families.

Service Stations will open for 3 hours only on a roster basis unless the distance between service stations exceeds 75 kilometres in which cases longer hours will be allowed.

The 3G and 4G networks will be turned off meaning data related services on mobile phones won’t distract communication between people, between family members.

There will be no organised sport. No cricket, racing, soccer or cycling etc of an organised, competitive nature.

Gyms, including those offering 24 hour access will close, disabling access codes for the day.

Newspapers will not be printed and on-line versions will not be updated during this time.

There are two reasons for all the closures.

The first is so as many people as possible will be free to spend time with their families.

The second reason is the removal of as many distractions from intra family communication as possible. Conversations may actually take place.

Radical? Perhaps.

However, it would be a day totally devoid of political, ethnic, culture, gender or any other bias. It would be a day of neutrality, or emphasis on Family and relationships.

I would like to also close down television and radio transmission for the day however the internet would also have to be shut down too and that is perhaps going to far.

Think about it for a moment.

It may well be a day of equality and neutrality, of inclusion and the celebration of each of us, equally.


Perhaps, but everything is crazy until it becomes reality and what is more Australian than that?

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