Friday, 3 November 2017

Putting The Week In The Past

It feels like one of those weeks that will be good to have behind us. Or is that just me?

In New York, there was another attack on innocent people by an allegedly radicalised individual using a motor vehicle as a weapon; not what it was designed for.

In Arizona, two people were shot in a Walmart by a person wielding a weapon that was used to do what it was designed to do.

We have seen two much admired Actors be called out for inappropriate sexual advances, and a bizarre apology by one.

A Secretary for Defence in the British Government resigned amid inappropriate behaviour allegation, but at least did so with dignity and with respect for the victim.  

Locally, the Chair of our Senate announced he was ineligible to be a Member of Parliament. He also said he has harboured doubts for some months but elected to keep it to himself and another colleague. As you would.

In an associated matter, it appears an insensitive piece of journalism may have been in play concerning the descendent of parents escaping the ravages of post war Europe.

We have also endured the first week of the Queensland State Election and in all cases, the Party Leaders have demonstrated extraordinary levels of ordinariness. Let the local candidates have access to the Media, they actually know what is important in their electorates.

But, as always, there have been positives too.

I attended presentations by two outstanding start up business leaders. One founded “Starts at 60” while the other pursued their passion for motor cars via the business “”.

There is an Australian making a possible record breaking start to his top level basketball career in America. Closer to home, a new, improved pay deal has been agreed for our Women’s Australian Football players.

But perhaps the biggest positive of the week was an 11-minute window when the world’s most famous Twitter user had his account shut down; human error within Twitter was blamed.

Enjoy your weekend – talk more next week.

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