Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Basketball, Meat Pies, Politics and Citizenship Woes.

Ben Simmons Pie Controversy.

So, an American Sports presenter has consumed a Four N Twenty pie using a knife and fork and Australian Twitter users have gone berserk.

Four N Twenty have signed a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers to sell pies at Philly home games. The 76ers are the team of Australian Basketball sensation Ben Simmons,

A Fox Sports presenter decided to review the product and committed the sin of eating it with knife and fork.

Fortunately, we in Australia always honour international food by always eating it in the means of the country of origin. Put the forks away everyone and get out the chopsticks when next you serve a rice dish.


I have to wonder at the intelligence of our Federal Politicians. It seems that only our Federal lawmakers have so little knowledge of their family history that they do not know where their parents were born.

How can John Alexander take so long to discover his Father was born in Scotland and now Skye Kakoschke-Moore has made the discovery her Mother was born in Singapore.

Lets get this sorted before we have zero international credibility left.

Politics in the USA

Roy Moore is a Senate candidate for Alabama on behalf of the Republican Party, the same Party of President Trump.

Roy Moore is vehemently denying accusations levelled against him of inappropriate behaviour towards girls.

The Republican Party Leadership have distanced themselves from Moore, in some cases advocating a vote for the Democrats candidate.

However, the President continues to support Roy Moore.

The disunity within the Republican Party is unheard of, that is unless you listen to the carrying on of our own Federal Government.

In the meantime, in Australia, the Government are so concerned about having a tough time in parliament, they have moved the sitting days back a week. It is not unheard of for the parliamentary sitting days to be re-scheduled, however this has always been done in consultation between the Government and other Parties and independents. Seems a little Trump like?

This will end badly, for Trump and Turnbull.

And in other news, there is the story of the overweight Kookaburra.

We really have our priorities right.

Happy hump day

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