Sunday, 5 November 2017

Citizenship - Problem Solved.......

Resolving the citizenship issue engulfing our political scene, or more correctly, disabling our political process is really simple.

Malcolm Turnbull and his Cabinet Colleagues are saying the is no need for an audit to confirm (or otherwise) the citizenship status of all Federal Parliamentarians.

His hard right wing rivals, the backbench supporters of Tony Abbot are suggesting an audit would be a good thing. This is probably motivated more by a desire to embarrass Turnbull than any ideology.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been guarded in his comments against an audit, being careful to leave wriggle room should he want to change his mind. Sensing there is popular support for a citizenship audit, he is now guarded in his support for such a process.

The Greens are in favour and I am not sure where One Nation stand, about anything at all.

An audit is not necessary. It is also not necessary for each Member of Parliament to table details to prove their Australianism.

There has been no real suggestion those Politicans found to be ineligible should be required to repay salaries and benefits received. The argument is they have been doing the job. There is also precedence for this.

There is a formal process which includes the Government waiving the debt.

The citizenship issue could be resolved once and for all, and forever, if the Prime Minister announced that no debt waiver will be considered for any Politician found to be ineligible on the basis of Citizenship after 1 December.

Or to put it another way, if found to be ineligible after the 1 December deadline, repay the lot.

Problem solved and the business of Government can resume.

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