Monday, 23 October 2017

Leaders Say It And Do It - Always

One of the differentiators between a Leader who has the title, and a Leader who genuinely leads is the later Says It and Does It.

The capable Leader practices consistency in all environments and all forums.

They practice good behaviours in an open office environment, and equally behind closed doors in discussion with a peer, a direct report or a Board Member.

They not only practice equality, diversity and respect, they call it out when it is not forthcoming in others, all others all levels.

I have referenced similar in past writings, so why am I visiting it again?

Following yesterday’s post, I received some interesting feedback and stories.

One which disheartened me concerned the Senior Leader who on becoming aware of a direct report (of Manager level) who was about to tell a Team Leader, a joke he referenced as being the “Best Racist Joke ever”, promptly stopped it happening. Quite correctly too.

Some minutes latter, the joke was told but not to the originally intended recipient. It was told to the Senior Leader and to much laughter.

This suggest to me that the Senior Leader does not believe in the behaviours promoted by the Organisation. Sure, they did the right thing in stopping it being told, but instead of providing council to their Report, they allowed the joke to be told.

Or maybe they think they are exempt. Maybe they think they are bestowed Leadership by way of Title and fail to understand the need for respect and trust.

Do as I say, not as I do, is not acceptable.

Practice does not make perfect: Perfect Practice makes perfect.

If you want to Lead, say what to do, and do what you say, always.

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