Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A Special Birthday - Day

17 October each year is a special day.

It is special because two of my favourite people celebrate birthdays today. And being fellow Librans’ is not what makes their birthdays' special, although being so can only be a good thing.  

They share many similar qualities including being my former work colleagues, be it one for just a few months and many years before the other.

It is far too simple to say they are resilient and courageous, however both are certainly that.

They have each suffered personal loss over recent times and endured separate personal challenges.

Resilience is an overused word; used now as an almost throw away adjective.

The qualities shared by these two people are far more valuable, and all too rare. It is these qualities that make them the people they are. It is personal qualities that represent the basis of resilience.

To start with, they both have a commitment and respect for their parents, a true intense and deep respect. Sadly, one has lost theirs' over the last 15 months.

They also have an intense loyalty to friends and give more in support of their friends than they may ever hope to receive. They default to giving, and perhaps do so to a fault and at times, to their emotional detriment

They have both experienced significant relationship challenges over recent years, however this has in no way diminished their ability to love and support those they love. One lost their Partner within the last year.

They also share a sense of humour that is just a little bit off beat and have the ability and confidence to laugh at themselves.

Finally, they both light the room with their smile and whoever they are talking to at any given point of time is made to feel valued and special.

They have never met.

Happy Birthday Ladies  – you know who you are.

And, thank you for the privilege of knowing you.

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