Friday, 6 October 2017

Celebrating Teachers and Community Health

It seems every other day, we are called on to celebrate or acknowledge an International Day of “Something”.

Many seem trivial or perhaps appeal to a smallish cohort. Others are truly and broadly significant, providing a chance to pause and acknowledge an event, a profession or a concept.

There are two International Days of Celebration this week that garnered my attention.

The first literally impacts all of us, commemorating a group of people who have been highly influential to all of us.

On Thursday October 5, we celebrated the teachers of the world. Those who inspired us, imparted skills and knowledge, set an example and instilled values we often only appreciate as adults.

October 5 was International Teachers’ Day.

Thank you to:
  • My teachers (some long suffering);
  • Those who taught my Sons’;
  • My teacher Family and Friends, Sheryl, Ross, Alison, Polly, Marianne, Ben, Toula, Anne, Judy, Karen, Greg M, Dale, who have pursued or continue to pursue this profession, be it primary, secondary or tertiary.
Tomorrow is another “International Day”.

It celebrates a day that has made a huge difference to very many people the world over, but in a very different way to Teachers.

"Parkrun" is a world-wide movement. It is a free, volunteer run community based activity encouraging all and everyone to move 5 kilometres at the pace they determine. Some run the distance, other walk, walk with children, push strollers and take dogs on a lead.

Children walk/run with parents and over 80’s walk or wheel 5 kilometres.

Parkrun is totally inclusive and totally non-judgemental.

Tens and tens of thousands of people all over the world have improved their health and lifestyle by regularly participating in Parkrun.

Saturday 7 October is International Parkrun Day. Find an event near you and get involved.

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