Friday, 5 May 2017

Turnbull and Trump - and the Coral Sea

So, our Prime Minister has made a short trip to New York, attending the commemorative dinner with Veterans of the Battle of the Coral Sea 75 years ago.

The Coral Sea Battle was a turning point in the Pacific Theatre of World War Two and the consequences for Australia should the battle be lost were too horrific to comprehend. It is not an exaggeration to say had the battle been lost, the lifestyle we enjoy and the freedoms we take for granted now, would have been very different.

There has been some criticism of Malcolm Turnbull travelling to New York so close to the handing down of the 2017 Federal Budget.

It appears however, the primary motivation driving the decision to travel to New York was the opportunity to meet face to face with Donald Trump.

I have no issue with the Prime Minister going out of his way to meet with the Leader of the country that we rely so heavily on across a very range of things. He should.

I have no issue with a country of our size being viewed as a very important ally, be it in a relatively minor way. The facts suggest we are not an economic, trading, technology or military powerhouse in world terms.

I do however have an issue with Malcolm Turnbull’s New York trip.

It appears to me, the decision for the Prime Minister to personally represent Australia at the Commemoration was made only after the opportunity to meet The President arose.

In my opinion, the role the United States played and the sacrifices they made in support of Australian Naval forces in the Coral Sea Battle was the difference between victory and Japanese invasion.

Further, our Prime Minister should have attended the 75th anniversary commemoration of the battle out of respect for our Ally in the Battle. No other reason should have been necessary and any meeting with Donald Trump should have been a bonus.

The importance of the Coral Sea Battle to the Australia we know today should have been reason enough.

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