Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Darkness to Daylight - Domestic Violence Awareness

I have changed, checked and cross checked my gear and am about to leave the office and head to the Southbank Forecourt for the Darkness to Daylight event.

At 5.30 pm there will be a candle lighting vigil honouring the 110 people (on average) who lose their life each year to domestic violence incidents.

At the conclusion of the vigil, I join my team mates and at 6.30pm commence the 110 kilometre run to raise funds and awareness about Domestic and Family Violence.

I have no idea what lies ahead of me over the following 12 hours except that I will complete at least 30 kilometres on behalf of our team goal of 110 kilometres.

I have no idea how my body and mind will react to running multiple 10 k loops, some hours apart. I don’t know how my body will re-act to being asked to go for a run at 3 am tomorrow morning, a time when it is usually being rested.

Thankfully, I also have no idea what it must be like to live in a violent  family situation. I do know that any discomfort I am about to experience will pale in to absolute insignificance to what faces the victims of domestic violence.

Spare a thought for the fear, and for the courage of those that extricate themselves and their children from such situations.

If it gets tough tonight, it will be knowing any discomfort I am experiencing is nothing compared to the victims we are supporting.

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