Thursday, 25 May 2017

Politicians - Stop Treating us as Idiots

Idiots we are not, so stop treating us as such.

Idiots our Political Journalists are not, so let’s get back to demonstrating it.

I am sick of being treated like a fool and of you being treated like fools.

I have had the arrogance of our mainstream Political party elected representatives. I am over their “rubbish speak” when answering questions in interviews.

What misguided self-importance allows you, the people who are elected to serve us, to be so arrogant and self-righteous that you do not answer questions by Journalists who are effectively speaking on our behalf?

And Journalists of the Political World and those Programme Managers who schedule political shows, since when has the interview been more important than its content? What good is an interview if it is full of hot air and the Politician being interviewed constantly if not always fails to address the question? And it is prevalent in both major Political Parties, their only bipartisan position.

Ask the question twice and if it is not addressed, cease the interview on the basis there is no point if questions are being ignored. Or to put it another way, respect your audience and respect yourselves.

The interviewer is asking questions on our behalf and we want to hear meaningful answers, or meaningful, credible reasons why the question cannot be answered. It is not entertainment. It is information, it is accountability, it is important.

Guess what? There was a terrorist incident in Manchester a few days ago. Guess what else? The Coroner handed down the report into the handling of the Lindt Cafe siege this week.

I heard an interview this morning with Michael Keenan – Justice Minister and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Counter Terrorism.

He ‘waffled’ responses to serious questions concerning possible ISIS supporters. Waffle is a generous adjective in this case.

I would have been fine if he said something like “I appreciate the interest in your question however if I answer, I will be divulging counter terror surveillance methodology and I won’t do that”.

Instead, he ‘waffled’.

Immediately before the interview with the Minister was one with the NSW Commissioner of Police, Mick Fuller. The Commissioner was very articulate and very clear. He owned the problems, committed to reform and acknowledged where improvement is needed. He inspired confidence.

The Minister did exactly the opposite.

My outtake from the Interview is the Minister has little or no understanding of his portfolio.

Is it any wonder we have single issue Parties with make it up on the go Politicians with the sole objective of popularity, here and overseas. Is there much to be gained as a country having One Nation holding such power, or their idol as American President?

Probably not, but it is no surprise they galvanise the frustrated voter who demands leadership and demands to be informed.

To our Journalist, I urge you to require answers to your questions or terminate the interview.

To our Politicians, get across your subject and answer the questions, or be replaced at the hands of disenchanted voters sick of being treated like idiots.

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