Monday, 29 January 2018

Tricky ABC Radio - Or so it seems

Disclosure – I am inclined to default to the ABC for my radio content.

Until recently, I also have tended to listen via a radio, be it digital or analogue, but a radio none the less.

I have been an ABC advocate as much for the content as the lack of advertisements.

The ABC has been an innovator in providing or repeating content via, their Iview and Listen App for phones and tablets.

I am forming the opinion the ABC has embarked on stage one of a strategy to cease all traditional radio broadcasting in Queensland.

Radio is a medium that delivers “immediacy”.

The ABC Brisbane Radio Station (call sign 612) broadcasts about half its daily content in delay.

In addition, ABC Radio National (RN) broadcasting in to Brisbane is all in delay.

I assume it is the same for Triple J, ABC Jazz, ABC Classical and other incarnations of the National Broadcaster.

Back to ABC Brisbane, it seems to me there is a lack of transparency as far as broadcasting in delay is concerned. It appears there is a deliberate intention to shield us from knowing we are effectively listening to a Podcast from 10pm to 6am each day for example. As far as I can determine, we also have delayed content between 11am and 3pm and again between 6.30pm and 7pm.

I like my Radio live, immediate and in the moment and accordingly, I am forced to support the apparent drive by ABC to have us listen via their on-line platforms.

I do understand that Queensland not having daylight saving is an excuse for the ABC. However, I would much prefer live content and multiple time calls to cater for different time zones. Alternatively, call the time as AEDT and let us use our intelligence to know what our local time is.

At the very least, be clear and upfront about more than half the content on Brisbane 612 ABC being in delay.

As it stands now, it looks like you are being “tricky” and as a result, not deserving of our trust and loyalty.

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