Monday, 1 January 2018

Kick Starting 2018 - One Simple but Challenging Action

I have a secret to having a great chance of 2018 being a most sensational year.

It does however require the investment of a couple of hours in one block of time over the next 3 days and the investment of honesty with yourself.

What I suggest you do is not a sure-fire guarantee to a successful 2018, however it will ensure you have a better chance than most of achieving your success.

Importantly, how we measure success is unique to each of us and each of us only. One challenge is to use our own success measure and not one we feel we should accept due to family, societal of any other pressures.

Let us start.

It is day one of the new year.

It is time to write a review of the 2018 year as at 31 December.

This is not a writing error, I do mean 31 December 2018.

Place yourself on Monday 31 December 2018 and write down a review of the year exactly how you want it to be.

For example, is there any study you want to start, complete or progress? In my case, I will be writing:

“I am pleased to have completed my Journalism Degree. I was aware I took on a big load to complete it this year but I am glad I did and can now officially call myself a Journalist”.

Chances are you have some travel plans or ideas for 2018. I do too and today I will write something like:

“Having spent time in Chicago and St Louis, it was an easy flight to San Francisco for the AMTRACK connection to the Grand Canyon. The sheer size and raw beauty of the Canyon was beyond expectations. The contrast of the Grand Canyon with Yellowstone and Yosemite made all stops more spectacular.”

Can you see what I am getting at? I am writing my achievements about the year ahead as if they have already happened. Take my travel comments. I have already made a commitment to be in Chicago and I know precisely what dates I will be there and what I will be doing. It is what I then do in America that I need to plan and execute.

It s not only the big-ticket items that are addressed.

Like many others, you may have become very competent in accumulating "stuff". I certainly have and will be writing:

“I have finished 2018 far less cluttered than I started it. The decision that I would not buy an article of clothing without first discarding two old items has made a huge difference to my physical environment and proved almost liberating”.

Then again, perhaps this is a big-ticket item after all.

No matter what their age, perhaps there is something to write about your relationship with parents or children.

A possible example might be:

Committing to being less judgemental and more trusting towards those closest has proved very positive for our relationship and sense of fun and joyfulness as a family unit.

Concerning health, I will be writing much the same as I have for the last 10 years:

“I finish the year fitter, stronger and healthier physically, mentally and spiritually than I was on this day last year”.

This process is not difficult however it can be challenging. It certainly takes honesty and even a little bravery. You may choose to share the review of your year ahead but equally, you may keep it to yourself. It matters more that you do it.

Recording the future as if it has actually happened is a powerful tool and places in you mind the seeds to be grown throughout the year. The difficulty many face when doing this the first time is slipping back in to writing in the form of an objective or a wish. There should not be words like “I plan to”, “I intend to” or “I will”.

By all means visit your document on a regular basis however avoid the temptation to edit it because chances are any change will be less aspirational than what you write today.

One final suggestion. Take a notebook and pen to write your year in review. Anecdotal evidence suggests this is more powerful and authentic than using a keyboard. You may even start a new notebook and then use it for daily journaling, which is another good habit to get in to.

I use an A5 size hardcover notebook which is also easy to take with me and I do take it, pretty much everywhere I go.

Enjoy reviewing 2018, today.

My Much Travelled 2017 Note Book 

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