Monday, 12 March 2018

You Are Not Helping My Goals - So..........

Who decides what the theme of the week is?

I am starting to suspect someone, somewhere sits down each week and by themselves, or with others, make a decision as to what will be the social media theme of the week.

Last week it seemed many posts, and shared/re-tweeted posts addressed the idea of removing from our friend and acquaintance list anyone not making a positive contribution to our goals. This covered multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Just wipe them, unfriend, unfollow or formally communicate the relationship or collaboration is over, done, dusted, finite.

Or don’t.

Before using the words, I wrote above, I went back and cross checked a number of posts. I needed to be sure of the context and to make sure the theme I detected was true.

Sadly, it was.

It is one thing to remove from our life those who cause us pain and hurt. It is even ok to remove those who we know are negative. (I guess).

However, the theme that seemed to come through last week was a great deal more brutal.

I confirmed the encouragement or suggestion was to remove all and anyone not making a positive contribution to our goals.
Putting it more succinctly, if you are not helping me get what I want, I don’t want to know you.

If it was remove those who harm you, ok, but it wasn’t.

How did we get to this?

I know someone with a goal to live and work in New York City. I do nothing to progress him achieving his goal so should he all of a sudden be unavailable for our coffee catch-ups?

I know someone else who has a driving goal to restore Tony Abbot as Prime Minister. I am certainly doing nothing to assist this, quite the opposite probably. We meet most weeks to discuss business matters and cricket and usually end up arguing politics. He should wipe me too.

Perhaps this is fall out from Trumpism and the idea that if you are not 100% for me, you are against me.

Whatever the reason, I find it to be a quite disturbing and even destructive trend and one I hope is an aberration.

Thankfully there was some balance today when a friend posted this.
As for a trend this week, it is only day one however there seems to be quite a deal of activity about concentrating on what we do best.

Lets see how that evolves over the coming days.

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